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About Karen

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​Karen McEndoo was born in Carshalton in Surrey but her early life was spent in Africa which has had a tremendous influence on her work, inspired particularly by the rich colours, designs and the music. She trained as a graphic designer/illustrator but her work has evolved into a more expressive and abstract form of painting. Science and nature are huge influences and she is an avid lover of nature.

With the art jeweller Sarah Drew Karen founded Terramaterart a group of like-minded female artists whose fundamental aim is to herald the protection of nature and our planet. 

Working Methods

'Many artists find the idea of a blank canvas daunting and I am no exception. My first task is to break the whiteness by putting down a base colour which, because of the nature of my work, shines through and becomes an intrinsic part, uniting the picture as a whole.
It is rare that I plan the picture, the antithesis of what was drummed into me, preferring instead to allow the work to develop its own language. Colour is everything to me and I spend a good deal of time mixing the hues and tones until I have arrived at a coherent palette, something I find a genuine pleasure. The rest is generally, albeit an oxymoron, ordered chaos.
Whilst working it is important for me to disengage the thinking brain and rely on instinct, this can often take a while to achieve. The act of placing paint onto any surface is rich in possibilities but every bit as fraught with challenges and frustration.
Herein lies the crux of the exciting nature of painting, the never knowing what will arrive'

- Karen McEndoo

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